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A unique 5 week functional fitness programme for Mamma’s to enjoy with their little ones.

The Mamma Cubs programme is the perfect way to maximise your maternity leave by taking the time to invest in yourself. Our Mamma’s receive a personalised, physiotherapist led experience, whilst also benefiting from meeting other like minded Mamma’s in our friendly small groups.

The emphasis of the Mamma Cubs programme is based on maximising strength and range of movement to rehabilitate pre existing musculoskeletal conditions and avoid future issues related to the repetitive loading tasks of motherhood, such as the manual handling of heavy car seats and prams, repetitive bending, lifting, crouching down and prolonged static feeding positions.

Our classes are ran by an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists with the skills to make all our Mamma’s feel stronger and more flexible. Our Mamma’s feel ready to take on the challenges of motherhood without worrying about injury, joint and muscle pain.

All our Mamma’s receive two 1:1 physiotherapy sessions so we get to know you and your individual goals.

In our classes we have a private nanny on hand to entertain the little ones so our Mamma’s can focus on themselves and get the most out of their sessions. We also have termly visiting health professionals and we always make time in our classes to unwind and enjoy good quality refreshments in the lovely surrounding of The Dairy Room at Millets Play Barn.

Our classes are for all exercise abilities and are generously timed so there is no rushing and plently of time to exercise and unwind. If you have any questions please contact us. We can’t wait to meet you!

2 1:1
physiotherapy sessions

5 fun and effective
exercise sessions

Private nanny
in the class

Signposting from our
health professional team

Visiting pelvic
health physiotherapist

All exercises on
an innovative app

Small groups

Enjoy meeting like minded mammas whilst bonding with your baby

Happy Mamma + Happy Baby
= A perfect way to start the week!

Mamma Cubs Testimonials

“I’ve loved the last 5 weeks of Mamma Cubs, it’s given me a great re-introduction into exercise after having my second child. I’ve really enjoyed the combination of Pilates and strengthening exercises and having a 1:1 with Nikki (physiotherapist) has given me the confidence to know I am getting the technique right. Having the protected time every Monday morning has meant I have focused on myself. Having Chloe (private nanny) in the class to help with my son has been a real game changer. I’m also really enjoying using the supporting app to exercise at home at a time and pace that suits me. I’ve completed my first 5 weeks and I’ve already signed up for next term!”
“I am so pleased I came across Mamma Cubs on Instagram! I was nervous about returning to exercise but I’ve now done two terms of the course and feel so much stronger! My one to one with Nikki was fantastic to help me understand my areas for improvement and all of the workouts are challenging but achievable and can be adapted to suit my strengths and weaknesses. Having Chloe there to keep my daughter entertained while I exercise is just brilliant and gives me the perfect opportunity to have time for me! I’d recommend any mums on maternity leave to join Mamma Cubs!

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When you are ready to increase your activity following the birth of your baby, we provide a friendly, safe, and enjoyable environment for you to do so.

What’s Included

  • Two 1:1 physiotherapy sessions to get to know you as a individual and set meaningful health and wellbeing goals.
  • Funcitonal fitness classes led by our experienced physiotherapist Nikki who specialises in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.
  • Supervision and enrichment for your little one, provided by our Private Nanny and Nanny Agency owner Chloe.
  • All exercises available on our industry leading app, Phyistrack so you have the freedom to exercise at a time that suits you.
  • Termly educational talks and signposting from medical professionals.
  • High quality wellness refreshments included in every class including Fix8 kombucha Graze products, Nespro coffee, herbal teas and more.
  • Social mornings filled with delicious, nourishing food and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy time meeting our team and likeminded Mamma’s.
  • If you are unable to make a session, we’d hate for you to miss out so you can come to one session the following term.

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Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs

Example Of Our Spring Term Plan

Our Classes exercise component consists of stretching, core strengthening, prehabilitation exercises, global strengthening through functional fitness and cardiovascular based exercises.

There are also Yoga and Pilates elements making our classes varied, effective and enjoyable. We welcome anyone who is ready, feel free to join us anytime during a term.

  1. 26/02/2024: Cardio-core (increased tempo weight bearing core exercises with rest periods)
  2. 04/03/2024: Weighted lumbar spine strengthening followed by stretching and a short presentation on back care.
  3. 11/03/2024: Cardio upper and Lower (increased tempo, upper and lower limb movements)
  4. 18/03/2024: Wall Pilates, Yoga Blocks exercises and a guided relaxation session at the end.
  5. 25/03/2014: Combined cardio and strength circuit.

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Meet The Mamma Cubs Team

Mamma Cubs Team
Mamma Cubs Team


Lead Physiotherapist

Hi My name is Nikki. I’m an experienced physiotherapist in Musculoskeletal care and founder of Heritage Physiotherapy & Co. Mamma Cubs is a real passion project for me. I founded Mamma Cubs to help women feel stronger and more confident exercising following the birth of their baby. As a mother myself I experienced post partum body changes that left me feeling weak and fatigued. I experienced shoulder pain, wrist pain and pelvic pain post partum which added to the stress and anxiety of having a newborn to look after. I believe my symptoms were directly related to having poor posture, weak core and pelvic floor muscles after the birth of my babies.

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Mamma Cubs Team


Private Nanny

Hey, I’m Chloe, 29 from Oxfordshire. I’m a private nanny and have been for the last 8 years, before that I worked in many childcare settings so I have an extensive knowledge of how they run.

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Our incredible consulting and signposting team

At Mamma Cubs we understand the importance of a multidisciplinary team. We are building a team of likeminded professionals to help support our Mamma Cubs community.


Pelvic Health Physiotherapist*

Caroline qualified as a registered chartered physiotherapist in 2007, and after spending 8 years specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy she undertook her post graduate training in Pelvic Health.

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General Practitioner*

Hi My name is Becky, I am a GP and a mother of two. After my first pregnancy I was quick to get back to exercising regularly, for my body and my sanity. I did regular cardio, resistance and weight based exercises.

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* Our visiting professionals provide evidence based advice and signposting. Rebecca Gibbs provides NHS signposting to the Mamma Cubs program with permission of the GMC. She also talks about her personal story of acute sciatic pain and her rehab journey. Our visiting professionals DO NOT offer individualised advice. If you need specific advice we encourage our members to engage Carolines services separately or liaise with Nikki the physiotherapy lead who will liaise in writing with your GP regarding any onwards referral that is needed.

The Mamma Cubs Pathway

  1. Call or email our friendly team to book your place with a £50 deposit (you pay at the end of the term)
  2. Join Nikki for a 1:1 physiotherapy review to discuss your goals, any concerns you have, including preexisting joint or muscle pain. Nikki will give you individual exercises and stretches then set a review date.
  3. Attend 5 fun and varied Mamma Cubs sessions held at Millets farm 09:30-11:00 every Monday.
  4. See Nikki at your review date to track your progress and set new goals.

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Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs
Mamma Cubs

The Mamma Cubs Class

What does a Mamma Cubs Monday morning session look like?

  1. Arrive at the play barn at 09:30
  2. Come to the diary room
  3. Your little one can be given to Chloe in our baby area
  4. Chat with Nikki about your week and how you are feeling
  5. Conduct group exercise for around 30 mins. You can do more or less if you like
  6. Enjoy a relaxing coffee and snack in the wonderful company of our other Mamma’s
  7. You will be emailed the exercises for that week, so you can do them at home when you get a moment
  8. Head off at 11:00 am

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    Mamma Cubs

    Our summer term starts June 22nd with a free taster session. The event is running from 9:30-11:00. If you are currently on maternity leave or expecting a little cub of your own, please join us to meet the team, find out more about our program and enjoy delicious refreshments with like-minded Mamma’s. The event is Free, but booking is essential.

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